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Over the years I have received many letters and cards from parents, and sometimes the children, expressing thanks for the treatments they received. I have selected a few of the most touching to share with you here. I hope they bring you the same joy they have brought me.

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To: [email address]
From: [email address]
Subject: Please pass this message to Tracey Aird, many thanks!
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 21:36:50 +0800
Dear Tracey
I have been meaning to email you forever, as a follow up to the
sessions you had with my two young sons, [F] and [T]. I am not
sure you will even remember us, it was so long ago (last August, I
think! )
At the time I had a very strong feeling you were a positive and
important force, and that you had - or would - in some way really
help my boys. You may remember we live in Hong Kong (Pollution
Central!) and that [F] was having monthly asthma attacks (with
accompanying hospital dashes!), and that [T] had just been
diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, and I was despairing of
his developmentally delayed speech - and everything else, really!
I want you know that since I saw you, [F] hasn't had ONE asthma
attack. I think this is amazing. His asthma was always triggered by
viruses, and he HAS had viruses - maybe three or four this year,
including bronchitis - but NONE of the viruses have triggered his
asthma. It's gone. It seems extraordinary to me he was having
monthly attacks, and he hasn't had one for over six months. He is so
much better, and sturdier, and so am I!
[T] is also getting better. It's a slower path, but I believe you
were right, he was developmentally 'stalled' by his awful near death
experience in Australia, and since that August session, he has been
slowly improving. I am seeing light at the end of this particularly
black, sticky tunnel.
I think of you often and feel sure you were the turning point; I
would love to bring the boys back to see you when we are in England
again this summer.
Meanwhile I have spoken of you so often to so many people and some
have asked for your contact details; I hope you don't mind me giving
them out. I truly feel you helped me and I am so grateful for that!
See in July?

Wishing you every happiness with your new baby. What a lucky bubba to have a mummy who can perform such magic!