Osteopath for Babies and Children


Over the years I have received many letters and cards from parents, and sometimes the children, expressing thanks for the treatments they received. I have selected a few of the most touching to share with you here. I hope they bring you the same joy they have brought me.

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Dear Tracey

I just wanted to write + thank you so much for all you have done for [A]. He is a different boy since coming to see you. Always happy + smiling, eating loads better + just a complete joy. He plays much better at playgroups + is so very sweet + loving. Thank you so much for giving us our lovely boy back.

Best Wishes


To Tracey

Thank you very much for fixing my head. I am a really happy boy now + no longer suffer so much pain. I can now play + eat really happily + love smiling + laughing. I always remember you + when Mummy asks me what Tracey does I always put my hand on my head. Also thank you for ...

Love [A] X

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Thank you so much for helping me. And I will be so so so so so so so so so so so so so sad when I am better and will not get to see you anymore. [aged 8]