Osteopath for Babies and Children

Useful Links

Below is a collection of links which I think might be useful to someone who wants to know more about osteoapthy or cranial osteopathy, or who needs further help finding an osteopath closer to their home:

Osteopathy Links
General Osteopathic Council
Regulates the practice of osteopathy in the United Kingdom.
British School of Osteopathy
Founded in 1917 it is the largest and oldest school of osteopathy in the UK.
Osteopath Centre for Children
The OCC is the clinical arm of the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy, which includes education, outreach and research programmes.
Sutherland society
The largest UK organisation for cranial osteopaths.
Book: Osteopathy for Children
The only introductory book you will need.
Help Finding an Osteopath Near You
Osteopath Centre for Children Alumni
GOsC Directory Search
Sutherland Society Members' Directory
Osteopath Network
Find an Osteopath
Click Osteopaths
Osteopaths 4 U
Useful Local Links
East Grinstead Toy Library
Try toys before you buy them.
West Sussex Libraries
Information for parents with young children. (Each library in West Sussex has a children's specialist.)
For Parents By Parents West Sussex
ForParentsbyParents.com was created in 2001 by two parents who wanted to provide an honest web site for other parents.
The Family Grapevine West Sussex
Toddler groups, Children Centres, etc.
Parenting Links
National Childbirth Trust
The UK's leading charity for parents.
The BedNest crib was developed based on research work done by the charity Right from the Start and won the Concept 2005 Design Award.
Sign And Sign
Britain's longest running and best loved baby signing programme.
Maxi Cosi Car Seat
Axiss Car Seat
As parents, my husabnd and I found these two car seats absolutely invaluable. This editorial agrees.
Fight For Kids
Fight For Kids UK
The purpose of these websites is to educate parents on the facts about today's widespread practice of labeling children mentally ill and drugging them with heavy, mind-altering, psychiatric drugs. Loving parents will be able to prevail in the face of the enormous "drug children now" pressures so entrenched in society today.

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