Osteopath for Babies and Children


Over the years I have received many letters and cards from parents, and sometimes the children, expressing thanks for the treatments they received. I have selected a few of the most touching to share with you here. I hope they bring you the same joy they have brought me.

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8th July 2002

Dear Tracey,


[J] continues to make excellent progress, she reads very well, and is going to integrate with the mainstream class at school for Literacy and Numeracy in September - so that's good news. She's in the school play, and sings the songs to us at home!

She is a totally different child now to what she was 12 to 18 months ago. I never would have thought that she could have made such a vast improvement so quickly - all thanks to you Tracey.


I'd like to thank you Tracey for all that you've done for both [T] & [J], and wish you every success & happiness in your new job.

With very best wishes,


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... nothing has worked. All that has changed so suddenly I cannot thank you enough.